Need. Problem. Opportunity

Collaboration as it is

... and should not be

Organising a weekend away with friends. Running a series of workshops. Consulting an expert group to prioritise investments. Consulting a doctor / helping a patient to get well again.  Teaching / learning. Deciding collectively on budget priorities for a city. Playing a role game.  Not just talking, calling, meeting, chatting, writing, videoconferencing… But also sharing, coordinating, deciding, transacting… in the group’s common interest as well as those of each of its members.

The Problem : Collaboration can be great, but is often not – eating up time, money, energy, motivation, and trust - for little return.

Also, see this FAQ on the problems, challenges and opportunities addressed by SymPlace.
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Our Vision

How collaboration should be…

.. and will be with Augmented Learning Collaboration (ALC)

  • Effective
    get things done. Empower the group and each member!
  • Efficient
    use time, goodwill and energy as precious resources!
  • Intelligent
    unleash the power of many, of groups and of each member!
  • Inclusive
    strengthen trust and leverage diversity thanks to the introverts!
  • Safe
    control the privacy of your (personal and group) data, forever!
  • Fun
    catalyse motivation, goodwill and energy!
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Our Mission

Augmented Learning Collaboration


Augmenting collaboration between people,  not replacing them, extending collaboration over time through symFlos = structured flows of smart activities, supported by symBots = smart virtual software agents assisting these flows, leveraging the best of governable AI with a Virtual Private Assistant = a new user experience
Learning by reusing, sharing, improving & governing collaboration practices

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See this FAQ on different aspects of ALC
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Our solution

The web 4.0 ALC solution

Collaboration-Software-As-A-Service using cooperating symBots and (GDPR-compliant) virtual private assistants to keep on top of multiple collaboration flows
  • Mobile & desktop app Symly
    Virtual Private Assistants (VPA)assisting users to manage their collaboration flows
  • An army of specialised symBots
    Cooperating with each other, to orchestrate the flow of tasks, execute repetitive tasks, add intelligence and transactions
  • Design Work Bench
    For creating new symFlo templates / symBots
Virtual Place(s) for practice groups and communities sharing collaboration practice templates and knowledge in an ecosystem with symBots for millions of uses and needs
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Societal Impact

ALC transforms society in all domains

Opportunities for deep change… and risks

ALC carries the potential to deeply change how we collaborate in different domains. How far and deep this will go, is at this stage still difficult to imagine, as for all disruptive high-societal-impact technologies. However, some are already quite clear today. They result from the analysis of situations in current life where collaboration could and should deeply evolve. We have prepared different posts so that you can dig into how ALC transforms domains (and inversely how the focus on these domains challenges specific aspects of ALC) such as :

Some additional insights into the larger picture, notably about :

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