Who are we?

The company we are building

The first Augmented-Learning-Collaboration-as-a-service company creating a new market

Target impact
better collaboration = better work productivity, better collective intelligence, better education, better health, better governance, better personal relations...
Value proposition
converting users into super-collaborators and corporate clients into collaboration champions
Target ROI:
+100% per year over +10 years
Business model:
b2b2c2b2 (business to business to consumer to business to...)
Target market:
+50 billion euros
Product range:
membership in a community of super-collaborators + ecosystem of augmented learning collaboration practices + productivity catalysing virtual personal assistant apps + an army of symBots (smart virtual agents) supporting complex (and simple) collaboration flows

Who are we?

The SymPlace Team

Visionary. Highly-experienced. Serial entrepreneurs. Technology leaders. Researchers. Designers

Founder & Vision
Christian Baumhauer
David Burger
Luc Chanson
Jürgen Geck
Paul Gibson