A general perspective of the change brought by Augmented Learning Collaboration (ALC)

ALC opens the perspective of a mind-boggling evolution towards much better collaboration!

ALC (Augmented Learning Collaboration) carries the potential of deeply changing how we collaborate in many domains of Sociey. These changes result from the analysis of situations in current life where collaboration could and should deeply evolve, and become much "better":

  • Effective: get things done. Empower the group and each member! In a work setting this can mean that decisions get taken more rapidly, that results are delivered with higher quality, that they are richer, because we can integrate the results of third-party systems (such as “artificial intelligence” systems, thus extending the potential of groups by the potential of large language models and big data.
  • Efficient:  use time, goodwill and energy as precious resources!
  • Intelligent: unleash the power of many, of groups and of each member!
  • Inclusive: strengthen trust and leverage diversity thanks to the introverts!
  • Safe: control the privacy of your (personal and group) data, forever!
  • Fun: catalyse motivation, goodwill and energy!

SymPlace is one the symVentures by Christian Baumhauer aiming at improving the dignity of everybody and the solidarity of all, through innovation, collaboration and education. SymPlace aims at contributing the first ALC technologies to this larger goal, thereby improving how we collaborate with others, and with ourselves over time.

Which implies that ALC changes how we empower people and groups. ALC empowers people because they will increase the impact and control of their collaborative undertakings; this happens notably by acquiring effective (ALC supported) collaboration habits, both for getting specific things done with others, and for effectively managing the balance of all collaborative activities across the different spheres which make up our lives. ALC empowers groups by developing their capabilities of achieving common objectives as well as allowing group members to achieve their individual objectives. Strangers can more easily and trustfully interact with each other, thanks to the mediation by symBots of critical information regarding their Extended Identities.

Collaboration can take most different forms. How people work with others, manage, get managed, co-decide. How they learn, teach and train. How they get and give advice to cope with uncertainty and complexity in a fast-changing world. How they can better take care of their health and be helped with. How they become more successful customers and better at serving customers. How they organise and participate in interdisciplinary and participative research and innovation.

Elsewhere, we will develop some of these opportunities in different domains, to illustrate how ALC could make a difference and what types of symFlos / symBots will be useful for achieving these disruptions. Also we have asked ChatGPT 4.0 to come up with suggestions for transformative symFlos and symBots, to check what is already “in the air”.

To put it short: the potential is just mind boggling!