Does SymPlace already have customers?

Yes and no. We have a product, the CMT (Community Management Tool), which was at the beginning of our journey. It had some success but is at the end of its life cycle. Our new product to implement the ALC meets a broad need, which is also the one of SymPlace’s founders: we want it because it could change our lives and our world.

We sold our first product, the CMT, to a dozen European research consortia, who used it to build and manage communities centred on knowledge factories. This product allowed us to learn a lot about what is necessary to improve collaboration. However, it was based on technology that limited the quality of the user experience as well as the ability to fully develop the SymPlace symFlos and symBots concept. So, a year after our creation in 2019, we decided not to continue investing in the CMT and used it as a cash cow for the last few years.

The real innovation is our new technology. The product is designed and budgeted but remains to be developed. We already have a small group of well-identified clients - ourselves! We have always dreamed of this product (and want to develop and market it) because in all our different activities - professional, civic engagement, teaching, politics, personal relationships - it would enable us to collaborate much more intelligently, more efficiently, more inclusively, more safely, with more pleasure... In short, to collaborate better, individually and collectively.