Defines concepts such as ALC, symBots, symFlos...

ALC: See Augmented Learning Collaboration

ALC Ecosystem: Ecosystem for ALC created by the modification, combination, selection, sharing and improvement of symFlo templates, notably through metaSymFlos

ANN: Artificial Neural Networks are a core technology of "Artificial Intelligence”

Augmented Learning Collaboration: Collaboration seen as taking the form of symFlos between humans, augmented by symBots orchestrating / facilitating / enriching this collaboration, and enabling the interaction with third parties, and learning thanks to an ecosystem which is continuously enriched by the mutation, selection and combination of symFlo templates, notably thanks to metaSymFlos.

CHI: See Collaborative Hybrid Intelligence

CMT: Community Management Tool. SymPlace’s first product. A general collaboration platform providing simple knowledge factory functions. Currently mainly used by European research consortia and small non-for-profit groups.

Collaborative  Hybrid Intelligence: Collaborative  Hybrid Intelligence is SymPlace’s answer to the dangerous illusion of  Artificial General Intelligence. It replaces the unique intelligence of a  single virtual agent by the more robust and trustworthy hybrid collaboration  of different complementary human and virtual agents.

DesignCol: User who designs, tests and continuously improves new symFlo templates to enable new collaboration practices and habits

Ecosystem: See ALC Ecosystem

Extended Identity: The Extended Identity of a user emerges from the selfSymFlo managed by the VPA of a user. It includes the different identities as well as tamper-proof transaction traces which can be used by independent trusted third parties to evaluate the trustworthiness ofthe user; and hence strengthen his.her reputation.

Genotype: The “genotype” of a symBot corresponds to the corresponding symFlo template (notably its structure and the configuration of parameters configuring its behaviour and interaction with other symBots).

LLM: Large Language Models such as que GPT-4, BERT, LLamA, BAIDU etc. These technologies are used by conversational « chatbots »such as ChatGPT.

ObsCol: Role of participant in a symFlo who only observes (possibly certain steps) but does not contribute / participate.

SelfSymFlo:The selfSymFlo contains the log of a symFlo instance, including invitations, contents collected (e.g., answers to questions), transactions, decisions…. It is structured by the structure of the corresponding symFlo template, including the structure of aggregates.

SmartCol: Role of contributor to a symFlo who has accepted the invitation to participate and to contribute according to the rules of the symFlo.

SubSymFlo:A symFlo which is a component of a larger symFlo, communicating with other subSymFlos according to the cooperation mechanisms allowed for by the compositional rule of the ALC system (in the case of SymPlace, within the syntactic and semantic constraints of the no-code collaboration modelling language.

SuperCol: Role of leader / initiator of a symFlo. Often chooses the symFlo Template.

SymBot: Virtual Agent assisting and / or participating in a symFlo

SymCommunity: Communities sharing and continuously improving their collaboration practices in form of symFlo bundles as well as symContent resulting from past symFlos.

SymContent: Content created through symFlos and enriched with information about the structure of symFlosand with tags and comments from users.

SymFlo: Collaborative flow combining slow and fast collaboration as well as structured and informal exchange. Built by combining subSymFlos, views and symContent.

SymFlo Template: A reusable model of a symFlo. Can be understood to bethe “genotype” of the corresponding symBot, assisting users participating in the symFlo.

Symly: Verb:  Act of collaborating in a symFlo, supported by symBots. Noun:  currently an early product prototype which has been developed at SymPlace in form of a webapp. Possibly the name of a future SymPlace core product (webapp, app for smartphones, tablets and desktops) assisting users who participate in symFlos, lead them, or create symFlo templates.

Symlyfy: Verb:  Act of transposing an existing collaboration practice / habit into a symFlo supported by symBots.

SymPlace: Name of the augmented-learning-collaboration-software-as-as-service company providing the service. Also, as, place for ALC, using the SymPlace infrastructure.

SymPlace Commons: The Commons shared by the SymPlace Community. Itincludes the open technology platform running the SymPlace systems and apps, the SymPlace Marketplace and the SymPlace Library.

SymPlace Community: The symCommunity of all registered and paying users of the SymPlace.

SymPlace Ecosystem: It consists of the SymPlace Community and the SymPlace Commons, and will continuously evolve through the interactions within the SymPlaceCommunity and with third parties

SymPlace Library: The collectionof technology modules solution bricks to build symBots (mostly free under a Commons license).

SymPlace MarketPlace: The electronic ALC-supported marketplace allowing users to exchange and commercialise ALC-related products and services, such as bundles of symFlo templates, symContent as well as symFlo-based services and products.

Tag: Information to enrich items collected by symBots so that the items canbe easily aggregated and processed. The Tags can be either user added orentered automatically by a symBot with knowledge of the semantics of the domain of the symFlo.

View: An optional presentation of information in a symBot, used by the VPA to present information to the user. The View allows sorting and filtering of information based on the user's situation and preferences.

Virtual Private Assistant: A special symBot which allows its user (its “master”)

  • to control all the different symFlos that s.he is involved in, and to organise and prioritise her.his actions to interact with different symFlos (e.g.,respond to invitations, provide inputs etc.);
  • to manage the collection of  symFlo templates that s.he uses regularly;
  • to exploit the memory of her.his selfSymFlo.

      In summary, the VPA provides a dashboard that allows its master to stay on top of her.his collaborative reality.

VPA: See Virtual Private Assistant