Which are the reasons NOT to believe? And why you should believe anyway – and invest – in the project?

There is a whole list of risks that can make you doubt the project – team risks (including the age of the founders), technology risks, and competition risks. We have the experience to manage them effectively. But above all, we believe they are more than outweighed by the potential for gain.

We, the founders of SymPlace, have extensive experience in investing and / or managing companies at a very early stage, like SymPlace. There are good reasons not to believe in the SymPlace project – team risks (including the age of thefounders), technological risks, competition risks.

There may be others, but each of these risks could be fatal for a company,and particularly for SymPlace.

Nevertheless, we think that you should still believe in the SymPlace company. First, we have a very clear vision of how SymPlace responds to these risks (see the corresponding FAQs). But let's be clear: an ambitious project like SymPlace can fail for many reasons.

But, most importantly, do you want to miss this opportunity if SymPlace takes all these obstacles? The equation of gains and losses, weighted by their probabilities, is largely positive.

However, only invest money you are willing to risk losing!