Why and how does SymPlace's fundraising operation combine tokens on Kriptown.com and convertible bonds?

The combination of the two financial instruments extends our raise to investors who seek liquidity for their shares and investors who are targeting a more traditional instrument with, in the event of conversion, tax credits in France.

Not all investors are alike, nor are all instruments. We want to offer flexibility to our investors.

The tokens on Kriptown allow investment in amounts of any size, from 10 euros to over a million euros, in tokens corresponding to shares in SymPlace, and held by the Vault, a structure that ensures their permanence. They will benefit from the pre-money valuation, which is particularly attractive. Thanks to Kriptown's secondary market, they can sell their tokens whenever they want (if opportune, the day after the fundraising closes), simply by finding a buyer on the platform. As SymPlace grows, the value of the shares, the volume of shares available, as well as their liquidity will increase.

Convertible bonds are for investors who typically invest several tens of thousands of euros, preferring to wait for the next increase when the company has overcome its initial technological and commercial hurdles to convert based on the valuation applied during the next capital increase, with a discount and the opportunity to benefit from a tax credit. Also, if creditors holding convertible bonds prefer to switch to tokens on Kriptown.com, they can choose to be repaid in Kriptown tokens (at the current value on the secondary market), rather than receiving cash or directly held shares.

SymPlace is seeking a total between 1 million euros (soft cap) and 1.8 million euros (hard cap). The amount raised on Kriptown.com will be adjusted as convertible bonds are subscribed, so that the total amount remains constant.

The SymPlace team is neutral regarding the choice by investors of one solution or the other. CCBI, Christian Baumhauer's financial holding company, has announced its intention to participate in the Kriptown.com raise with a six-figure amount. We believe that Kriptown is a solution for the future!